Our Values
Dotted Pixel is established on a foundation of strong business ethics driven by values. We aim to provide the best possible solution that fits our client’s budgets, business objectives, and technology requirements. We do business with the mind of maximizing our client’s return on investment.

Who we are?
Dotted Pixel is a UK web design and development company specializing in creating custom websites, mobile applications, e-commerce solutions and custom software applications. Our business was formed in 2000 with a sole view of putting a client-first approach in our way of working. We have continuously kept ourselves abreast of the latest innovations in custom application consulting and development domain. Thus, we give a thrust to our focus on being the front-runners in offering modern cutting-edge services which localized to fulfill our client’s requirements.

At Dotted Pixel we choose to work in close interaction with our clients at all stages of web development that spans planning, analysis, design, implementation, promotion and maintenance. This ensures that our valued clients get precisely what they need from us. Naturally, this doesn’t deter us from thinking out-of-the-box and suggesting solutions that take client servicing to the next level

Why choose Dotted Pixel?
Dotted Pixel has a natural advantage when it comes to choosing from amongst the available offshore agencies offering similar services to ours. We have diverse experience of more than a decade in outsourcing of UK web design, development and consulting service to clients across Europe, the US, Asia, Canada and Africa. We also have a dual benefit of having a team of dedicated professionals servicing clients across the globe and providing quality services that are on par with our international counterparts. In all, Our designs are uniquely styled and well coded

Solutions we provide
Dotted Pixel provides a suite of cost-effective custom based solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs.

These solutions include:
•    Website Design
•    Web Development
•    Software Development
•    Project Management
•    Database management
•    Mobile Development
•    E-commerce Solutions
•    Internet Marketing
•    Search Engine Optimization